Henri Darnat

Henri Darnat
Meursault, Burgundy
Village: Meursault
Province: Burgundy
Established: Mid 19th century
Owners: Henri Darnat and family
Winemaker: Henri Darnat
Viticulture: Organic
Henri Darnat is a fifth generation winemaker on the land his family have farmed since the 19th century. Keeping in with his families tradition Henri works the vineyard by hand without chemical fertilisers or herbicides. The soil type is a blend of clay and rocky limestone.

His Philosophy is that of good sense and patience in the vineyard and cellar, requiring one to have ‘the courage to wait’ for optimum ripeness of fruit at the time of harvest, which can be a nerve racking time with changeable weather conditions. Then waiting in the cellar as the wines to ferment to their natural rhythm and then waiting to bottle at the optimum moment.