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An Introduction to Sardinia four bottle wine - Gift

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We love Sardinia so much that we want to share some of our favourite grape varieties with you. We have put together a selection of two whites, one rosenand two reds to start you off at a special price.

2018 6MURA Giba Bianco, Vermentino $34

Vermentino is a variety grown in Sardinia. In Liguria it is grown under the name Pigato. Its French name is Rolle. The grape produces aromatic wines, medium to full bodied with ripe peach and honeyed notes.

2016 Cantina della Vernaccia 'sinis', Vermentino $22

The Sinis Bianco is made using the native Sardinian grape Vermentino. This popular wine is vibrant and fresh. Best served as an aperitif or with seafood. 

2018 Cantina della Vernaccia Seu, Nieddera $27

SEU rose is made using Nieddera grapes grown in the River Tirso Valley. This fresh, lively, fine wine is best appreciated drunk young.
The Seu has a slightly fruity aroma, and a soft, lively flavour of medium intensity. Paired best with hors d’oeuvres, seafood, fish dishes or as an aperitif.

2017 6MURA Giba Rosso, Carignano $36

Carignano is a grape of blue black colour with a fairly thick skin. It is a late ripening berry and requires a warm climate and long ripening season. Known in France as Carignan and Spain as Carinena, it is widely planted and used for adding intense colour, acidity, and fleshy tannins to blended wines. Carignano at its best produces wonderfully concentrated and characterful wines

2015 Cantina della Vernaccia 'Corash' Cannonau $48

Cannonau/ Grenache is one of the most widely planted red wine varieties in the world. Grenache plays a dominant role in most southern Rhone wines, especially the well known Chateauneuf-du-pape which is at least 80% Grenache. Cannonau is a late ripening grape which lends itself to hot and dry climates. Cannonau di Sardinia DOC which must be 99% Cannonau, accounts for one in every five bottles of wine produced in Sardinia. Cannonau is thought to have originated from Sardinia. It has generally spicy, red fruit notes with low tannins and relatively high alcohol.

This selection of Sardinian wines Is packed in our signature Chent'annos Jute bag with a custom designed Italian card.