italian wine

Village: Maiolati Spontini
Province: Marche
Established: 2002
Owners: Barone Pizzini
Winemaker: Alessandro Fenino
Hectares under vine: 26.5 ha
Viticulture: Biodynamic


Pievalta farms 26.5 hectares of estate-owned vineyards with two principal growing sites on either side of the Esino River Valley. Each vineyard has its own soil type that gives a different character to the wines.

The winery and vineyards are in Maiolati Spontini Township, along the left bank of the Esino River where the soils are predominantly clay and limestone. The vines were originally planted in the 1970s and have been updated with greater density and modern training. The wines sourced on this side of the river are known for their minerality and freshness, and fruit character. The other vineyard on the right bank of the Esino is in the San Paolo di Jesi hamlet of Follonica. This high-elevation, steep-sloped vineyard is well aerated and its soils are granitic sandstone. Locals agree that this is one of the best subzones in Castelli di Jesi. Here, the wines are more austere and rich in flavour, known for their power.

Pievalta farm their land organically and biodynamically. They plant legume cover crops between the rows and disperse biodynamic preparations to facilitate the formation of fertile humus which bolsters plant growth while respecting the terroir. All the work in the vineyard is done by hand, to achieve the highest quality within the context of a given vintage. Techniques include: Limited pruning, mine-sourced sulfur and copper applied in a maximum dosage of 3 kg per hectare per year (half of the maximum amount allowed in organic farming), no fertilizers or irrigation, picking times that vary from parcel to parcel and hand picking in small crates to ensure that the grape skins do not break. In the cellar as little is done as possible. Pievalta wines are vegan certified.

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