Selvapiana italian wine

Rufina, Toscana

Village: Rufina
Province: Toscana
Established: 1827
Owners: Francesco Giuntini
Winemaker: Franco Bernabei
Production: 220,000
Hectares under vine: 58
Viticulture: Organic

Selvapiana lies in the foothills of the Appenines in the appellation Chianti Rufina, the smallest appellation in Chianti but one of the most special. The vineyard’s close proximity to the mountains strongly influences the microclimate. Having a cooler summer means the grapes ripen more slowly resulting in balanced, elegant wines with fresh acidity and silky tannins. Francesco Giuntini is the fifth generation family member to run Selvapiana. Selvapiana produce 220,000 bottles a year on the 58 hectares of their certified organic vineyard.

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