2017 Possente Abir - Chent'annos

2017 Possente Abir


The Possente Abir is made with 85% Zibbibo and 15% Sauvignon blanc. What a strong personality this wine has, characterised by a fruity and floral bouquet round and elegant in the mouth. The white peach and exotic fruits melt with flowers of the Mediterranean making its bouquet intense and complete. The Abir has a delightfully smooth minerality best paired with crustaceans and seafood.

Zibibbo, also known as Muscat of Alexandria, is a member of the Muscat grape family, and it is still widely grown in Australian and South African wine regions, on the island of Samos in Greece, on the island of Pantelleria in southern Italy, and in sweet wines around Má laga (some times blended with Pedro Ximénez), Alicante, Valencia,
and the Canary Islands of Spain. Zibibbo is noted for its delightfully fresh grape aromas and sweet overtones. It is prime material for the production of sweet wines.