Sangiovese mixed six - Chent'annos

Sangiovese mixed six

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2017 Piazzano Messidoro, Sangiovese, Syrah  $29.00
2 x 2019 Piazzano Ventoso, Sangiovese  $29.95
2019 Piazzano Chianti DOCG, Sangiovese, Colorino  $30.00
2016 Piazzano Rio Camerata Chianti DOCG  $39.00
2017 Pietro Caciorgna Alberaia, Sangiovese  $42.00

Did you know that Sangiovese’s name derives from the Latin “Sanguis Jovis”, "the blood of Jove the ancient God of sky and thunder and king of all Gods?

Sangiovese is a variety produced for the most part in central Italy from Romagna down to Lazio and is the most widespread grape grown in Tuscany producing some of Italy's most famous wines. It is a high yielding, late ripening grape. It produces wines with pronounced tannins and acidity and its flavour can vary from leather earthy nuances to red cherries and plums.

We have six exciting wines for you that show Sangiovese in different forms and from varied terroir.
We have selected the Piazzano Messidoro a rose made from Sangiovese with a small percentage of Syrah. It has a deep pink colour and is savoury and dry with great acidity that works well with pasta, cured meats and antipasti.
Then we have two Chianti from our producer Piazzano situated in the hills of Empoli, 20km west of Florence. Chianti tends to be quite structural with nice silky tannins and goes really well with proteins, think Fiorentina steak on the bbq or roasted pork. Another wine from Sangiovese is our Ventoso a medium body red with beautiful aromas and complexity that will perfectly match with pizza or your favourite pasta. Lastly the Alberaia from Pietro Caciorgna is a straight Sangiovese just south of Siena, a unique expression of Sangiovese quite earthy with beautiful perfumes of cherry and rhubarb, liquorice, fennel and spice. Medium bodied with refined soft tannins and high acidity to pair with roast lamb or a veal stew.
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