2016 Selvadolce Crescendo Plus - Chent'annos

2016 Selvadolce Crescendo Plus


Selvadolce Crescendo plus is a wine produced with 100% Pigato grapes, a variety that has been in the area for centuries. Genetically Pigato has proven to be a clone of Vermentino however has differentiated over time developing its own characteristics. Pigato comes from 'pighe'  which means freckles in Ligurian dialect. This is in reference to the small brown spots on its skin, making Pigato Vermentino's freckly twin - As a freckly twin myself I love this analogy and could this simple difference be the key to it taking on its own personality away from its twin?. Pigato is said to hold more structure and aromatic quality than its twin along with being more stubborn in the vineyard.

The Crescendo comes from a vineyard located at the end of the Riviera di Ponente, almost on the border with France, in the hilly hinterland of Bordighera. Seven hectares managed under Biodynamic agriculture, inserted in an uncontaminated natural landscape amongst olive trees, dry stone walls and Bougainvillea. The vineyards are cultivated at an altitude of about 150-200 meters above sea level, with a southern exposure. The vines are Guyot-trained with a planting density of 7000 plants per hectare on soils of limestone and clay. The 2016 vintage did not act in its usual way and it took two years to finish fermentation. Aris waited patiently for nature to take its course resulting in this cracking wine. Fermentation was spontaneous with indigenous yeast and took two years to complete. The wine spent about 32 months ageing in wood and stainless steel. The wine is then bottled without clarification or filtration, only a minimum amount of sulphur is added.

The Crescendo plus has an intense mediterranean profile and the 32 months spent on lees gives the wine roundness and complexity. The wine is perfectly balanced and harmonious. The colour is intense straw yellow. On the nose marine notes, wet stone, kerosine, fennel and ripe white fruit. The palate is pleasantly savoury, with a juicy mid-palate and a fresh and harmonious finish.
Best paired with seafood dishes like tuna carpaccio, fettucine marinara, fish stew and light chicken dishes.