Attilio Ghisolfi

Attilio Ghisolfi



    Village: Monforte d’Alba

    Province: Bussia

    Established: 1988

    Owners: The Ghisolfi Family

    Vigneron: Gianmarco Ghisolfi

    Yeast: Indigenous

    Altitude: Between 300m to 450m a.s.l.

    Soil type: White tuffaceous marl

    Hectares under vine: 7

    Viticulture: Sustainable


    Gianmarco Ghisolfi is the fourth generation winemaker from the prestigious Barolo growing area of Monforte d’Alba. In 1988 Gianmarco took over his Family’s 7 hectares and in the same year bottled the Barolo that his family had been making and selling in bulk for the past three generations. All vineyards are located in the Visette region of Monforte known for its ideal growing conditions that include southern and south west exposure with near perfect altitudes of 350 metres above sea level that allow for day and night temperature changes that prolong the growing season creating complex aromas. There are documents dating back to the 12th century referring to the cultivation of Nebbiolo in Visette.

    Gianmarco uses only organic fertilizer in the vineyard and rather than herbicides he mechanically turns the soil instead. In the cellar Gianmarco uses a variety of vats for fermentation as well as different size barrels for aging. He ferments about 40 percent of his Barolos in a rotary fermenter enabling him to take the seeds out straight away resulting in softer, finer tannins.