italian wine cantina della vernaccia

Cantina della Vernaccia


    Oristano, Sardinia

    Village: Oristano
    Province: Sardinia
    Established: 1953
    Production: 260,000 pa
    Hectares under vine: 120
    Viticulture: Conventional

    On a fertile strip of land that stretches between the pond of Cabras and the sea is the Cantina Della Vernaccia on the west coast of Sardinia. Founded in 1953, Cantina della Vernaccia blends the grapes grown by a small group of local producers and shareholders who grow native grape varieties. It’s an enchanted place that has been suitable for viticulture since ancient times. Sedimentary rocks, limestone and sandstone, formed about 35 million years ago, and soil enriched with saline and mineral components, mainly alluvial, combined with the Mediterranean climate, offers an important thermoregulatory function.
    Cantina della Vernaccia has 120 ha under vine producing 260,000 bottles a year.