Eredi di Cobelli Aldo

Eredi di Cobelli Aldo


    Sorni di Lavis, Trentino

    Village: Sorni di Lavis
    Province: Trento
    Established: 2012
    Owners: The Cobelli Family
    Winemaker: Tiziano Cobelli
    Production: 30,000
    Hectares under vine: 8
    Yeast: Indigenous
    Altitude: 450m.a.s.l+
    Soil type: Chalk, silt and clay.
    Viticulture: Traditional/Organic

    The Cobelli family has been growing grapes in Sorni for more than 150 years. In 2012 Eredi di Cobelli Aldo (literally the Heirs of Aldo Cobelli) brothers Devis, Tiziano and Ivano re-built the Cobelli family estate and started to produce wine in honor of their late winemaker father to become third-generation winemakers.  

    In the vineyard, great care is taken to encourage biodiversity through organic fertilisation, inter-row tilling and grassing: reduction of mowing between the rows to promote biodiversity, and the reduction of transit with tractors to a bare minimum to reduce soil compaction. Vines are trained using the traditional vineyard structure ‘pergola semplice Trentino’. The simple Trentino pergola ensures vines are trained to maximise their exposure to heat. This is used predominantly in the production of Teroldego, one of the only red grapes able to fully ripen in this area. The temperate subalpine climate does not bring the typical harshness of Trentino Alto Adige. The Mediterranean air created by the "Ora del Garda" (a wind prevailing from Garda) allows for mitigated temperatures in the whole valley. Thanks to the sudden temperature changes between day and night, the grapes can ripen with good aromaticity and at the same time with the right acidity.

    The land in which the vineyards are planted is located on a narrow vein of chalk that is a sedimentary rock that derives from the transformation by evaporation of sea salts such as rock salt, calcite and aragonite: this mineral, combined with the strong presence of silt and clay offers unique pedological conditions in Trentino ideal for producing quality wine.