Nuoro, Sardinia
Village: Nuoro
Province: Sardinia
Established: 1995
Owners: Giuseppe Gabbas
Winemaker: Giuseppe Gabbas
Hectares under vine: 20
Viticulture: Natural
Giuseppe Gabbas tends 30 hectares at the foot of Supramonte in Barbagia. The granite soils of the vineyards are perfect for the hot, dry climate, as they retain enough water to nourish the vines during longer periods of drought. The vineyard has a particular climate, with temperature moderating breezes coming from the sea only 20km away. Hillside vineyards and protection from the mountains mean temperatures can fluctuate between warm and cool sufficiently to give the grapes a rich, deep colour and a complexity. With these favourable conditions, very little treatment in the way of fertilisers or pesticides is needed. Gabbas wines, all cannonau-based, are considered the most representative of the region.
“Giuseppe Gabbas is a real winemaker, who loves the countryside and his vineyards, and he’s so good at his job that this year we give him the Winemaker of the Year award.”

(from Vini d’Italia 2015 – Gambero Rosso)

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