Macchion Dei Lupi


 Macchion dei Lupi aim to produce wine by embracing the most natural form of agriculture possible, creating a true expression of the land it comes from. Winemaker Carlo Parentis’ love of the land impelled him to give up a banking career in Milan in 2003 and head to the hills of the Tuscan Maremma. The coastal hills of Suvereto, near Italy’s western coast, are known for their
 rocky, mineral rich soils that produce low yielding grapes that pack a punch of flavour.

Carlo took on the challenge to nurture his three hectares into a biodynamic vineyard which proved to be an uphill battle that included drought, cash flow issues, and even a snakebite! With a commendable spirit Carlo stayed true to his craft. His passion and dedication are reflected in his wines and we are so excited to Include Carlo’s wines in our portfolio.