Selvadolce italian wine

    Bordighera, Liguria

    Tenuta Selvadolce overlooks the sea west of Liguria, a few kilometres from the French border in the beautiful town of Bordighera. In 2004 Aristide Blancardi converted his family’s historic 7-hectare flower company into a biodynamic farm. After working as a horse veterinarian, Aris came back to the family business, taking over his father’s work and improving the farming practices by looking for alternative ways to grow flowers. He attended a course led by Nicholas Joly that impelled him to start making wine at Selvadolce. Aris’ grandfather had planted vineyards using local grape varieties such as Pigato and Vermentino, the first vintage from these grapes was released in 2007. Having no experts around him Aris was forced to learn how to be observant in the cellar, letting nature be the guide, and as a result, he produced what we now call “natural wine”. 
    Selvadolce has two very different growing conditions only a few kilometres apart. At Ciapissa the natural amphitheatre 600 metres above sea level is protected from the prevailing winds. Selvadolce is south facing and its terraces benefit from a predominantly marine Climate. The infamous Mistral winds shake the foliage violently, often breaking the steel wires that support the vines, but in the process deposit microscopic crystals of sea salt on the grapes and soil.

    Fermentation happens naturally in wooden vats along with lees aging and stirring.  Aris experiments with skin macerated white wines made from the old vines his grandfather planted. These exceptional wines are truly inspiring, beguiling and nothing like we've come across before. We are his biggest fans!

    Selvadolce from Alessandro Scalerandi on Vimeo.