Italian wine Etna

Pietro Caciorgna


    Randazzo, Sicily
    Village: Randazzo and Castiglione di Sicilia
    Province: Sicily
    Established: 2007
    Owners: Paolo Caciorgna
    Winemaker: Paolo Caciorgna
    Production: 12,000
    Hectares under vine: 2
    Viticulture: Traditional/Organic

    Paolo Caciorgna is a renowned Italian Oenologist having worked in some of the greatest names in Tuscan viticulture. Along with consulting to many Italian wine producers he has his own label, Pietro Caciorgna named in dedication to his Father Pietro.
    Paolo acquired plots of ancient ungrafted vines in the Contrada Marchesa. The high altitude of the vineyards and volcanic soil meant they could withstand phylloxera that devastated 90% of vines across Europe in the late 19th century. The same conditions enable low inter- vention in the vineyard and Paolo only uses small amounts of copper and sulphur.
    The cultivation of vineyards, which are located between 700 and 800 meters, is entrusted to experienced people in the area. The land in this area is magical. The volcanic ash soil with traces of sand is rich in minerals, which gives the grapes aromatic finesse and silky, velvety tannins.