Cantina Giba

6mura italian wine
cantina giba sardinian wine
Giba, Sardegna
Village: Giba
Province: Sardegna
Established: 2004
Production: 100,000
Hectares under vine: 30
Viticulture: Natural

The Sardinian vineyard 6Mura, pronounced sei mura meaning six walls, takes its name from the “Su de Is Muras” which refers to a protected area in the Inglesiente region and surrounding Giba.

The wines from Cantina Giba are an expression of the interaction between soil and vine which gives a refined bouquet while enveloping the scent and flavour of salty winds, all softened by the “sweet roundness of the Mediterranean”. The vineyard’s 100 year old vines are located in the sandy hills of Giba. With 30 hectares under vine, 6Mura produces 100,000 bottles per year. It is one of only 10% of European wineries using Piede Franco ‘ungrafted vines’.